Anyeluz Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Our super moisturizer plumps and hydrates the skin, visibly reducing wrinkles. Thanks to its ability to effectively retain water, this serum increases deep hydration, improving the elasticity, firmness, and softness of your skin. The powerful combination of active ingredients stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reducing the appearance of expression lines and minimizing the depth of wrinkles.

Milagros Instant Rescue

Benefits: -Powerful Formulation: The product boasts a potent and instant formulation. -Plex Hair Repair Technology: It contains ingredients with plex hair repair technology. -Enhanced Shine: Provides a boost in shine to the hair. -Softness: Makes the hair feel soft and smooth. -Strengthening: Strengthens the hair strands. -Silkiness: Imparts silkiness to the hair. Vitality: Revitalizes and gives vitality to the hair.

Anyeluz Eyeliner Pen

Achieve effortlessly defined eyes with the Anyeluz Eyeliner Pen. Featuring a matte finish, this eyeliner ensures a flawless look without the need for touch-ups, lasting an impressive 24 hours. Its waterproof and quick-drying formula keeps your look intact through any situation.


Our Cinnamon Carrot Bronzer is high in beta-carotene, which helps your skin speed up the tanning process and bring you to the desired skin tone, after having prepared your skin with coconut bronzer.

It is recommended to use after having used the coconut bronzer and alternate its use for days. SPF 4. Always use sunscree!

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Why you should use products free from salt and parabens.

The function of the salt in the hair is to clean the hair, improve the viscosity of the product or create foam. However, this component is so strong that it can remove natural oils from the hair, causing it to shrink and lose shine. Additionally, it leaves you more exposed to impurities from day to day and if you dye your hair or carry out a chemical process with your hair, the salt can affect the color. It can also affect the effect of a keratin in a negative way.
They are to preserve the products over time, but these components can cause health problems when used frequently for a long time. There are even studies on cancerous conditions generated by excess of this component.


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Customers reviews.

Amazing products !

"I tried Kaba hair grow and repair kit omg is amazing, recovered my hair super fast. I am super happy with my kit."

— Andrea Gomez

Best customer service.

"As I do not have any idea of which shampoo get, they advice me in the best way showing me which one was indicated for my hair. I got Fruto Salvaje, excellent shampoo I highly recommend it"

— Fatima.

Top Keratine !

I am a hairdresser and some of my clientes asked me for Epa Colombia Keratin, I did not know about this brand as is Colombian but one of my customers point me out this amazing website and I bought one small kit just to have a try. The results omg fabulous, is super easy to work with this keratin, leaves the hair super straight and shining. Now I just buy litres and my clients are more than satisfied.

— Jhonny H